Special Class Names

RT-19 has some useful class names that you can use in a “CSS class name” fields in the builder or anywhere else if you are writing an HTML code. Alignments aligncenter alignleft alignright Bootstrap Class Names You can use Bootstrap responsive class names. http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities-classes For example to hide an element only on small devices like […]

Creating a One Page Design

Creating a one page design needs the following elements Visual composer rows that have a ID set (see image below). A Custom Menu item type link that links to that element / ID (see image below). Important Notes !!! Note : Be aware to use the full url (http://yourwebsite.com/#the-ID) when the one page design is […]

Creating a Contact Page

Creating a Contact Page. Setting up a contact page is pretty straigth forward. Goto the WordPress Pages section and add a new page In the page goto visual composer mode and start adding the elements that you want to show in your contact page Below is a example of a contact page content visualized as […]

WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets and RT-Theme 19. Widgets are predefined pieces of code which produce f.e. a recent post list with thumbnails, a searchbox or whatever the widget is designed for in a sidebar. Widgets and Sidebars. WordPress has widgets and sidebars. Widgets need to be added to sidebars. Sidebars are area's, containers, that contain widgets. Once […]

RT-Theme 19 Shortcodes

Adding Shortcodes in to Content RT-Theme 19 comes with a huge number of shortcodes that allow you to add predesigned content by shortcodes into the content area of any page. Shortcodes can also be added into text widget in a sidebar or into any text-area in any of the available modules in the template builder. […]

Theme Icons

Scalable Vector Icons RT-Theme 19 supports scalable vector icons. Those icons are called by its css class name. In some shortcodes you will see a parameter like this : icon=””. Between these quotes “” you will have to insert the icon css class name. In order to get the correct icon name, and to have […]

Social Icons

Adding Social information to your website Social information can be added to the theme by the use of the global Social Media Options in the Customizer. Per Social Media Icon the following options can be set : The Social Icon Text which appears on hover, The Social Icon Link to which the social icon will […]

Footer Content

Creating a Footer Navigation & setting the Footer Options RT-Theme 19 Footer area is divided into three sections. The Footer Area containing the footer Widgets The Footer Bottom Area containing the copyrights The Footer Bottom Area containing the footer custom menu How can I create a footer navigation? Goto the wordpress Menus system and create […]

Custom fields in search results

Search results and custom fields By default wordpress has no knowledge of the custom fields in each of the custom post types. So if you issue a search it wont find any text you entered in those fields. You need to enable those fields by use of a plugin to include them into the search […]

Update the Slider Revolution

How to Update the Slider Revolution? One can decide to update the plugin either by the internal update function that comes with the theme or by manual upload and replacing all files by ftp upload: Internal Update by the theme installer plugin If a plugin needs updating you will see a update notification message. You […]