Creating a One Page Design

Creating a one page design needs the following elements

  1. Visual composer rows that have a ID set (see image below).


  2. A Custom Menu item type link that links to that element / ID (see image below).


Important Notes !!!

Note : Be aware to use the full url ( when the one page design is not the homepage and you have other menu items in the menu linking outside the “One Page Design” page.

Note : You have to use the # (anchor link method) to link to those sections / rows within a page.

Note : When you scroll the page the menu items in the menu will get the focus state once a new section with the ID listed in the menu is reached. Of course, to notice this nice RT-Theme feature, the current menu item color setting has to be not the same as the normal menu item color. You can see it in action in our demo while scrolling the page : One Page Design Demo