RT-Theme 19

Localizing & Translating The Theme

The theme uses default strings which can we found in the theme language file that comes with the theme. These strings are grouped into one file which is located in the {theme_name}/languages folder. The file called is {theme_name}.pot. The values of those strings can be translated by the use of the poedit program. Or a […]

WPML Plugin

WPML (WordPress Multi Language) is a plugin which gives your website the ability to have the same content in different languages. With WPML you don’t have to create a website for each language. You can have one website (domain) and have each page, post portfolio, product etc. show up in its the different language. Changing […]

PolyLang Plugin

This plugin is a free alternative to the WPML plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/  When you install the language menu will appear on the header same as the WPML plugin. Documentation https://polylang.wordpress.com/documentation/ 

Top Bar

Top Bar is a new feature that comes with version 2.0. It is only available for new design options (Layout 3, Layout 4)  Go to Appearance > Widgets and add widgets into the Top Bar widget locations. The top bar will be automatically appeared when you have a widget inside one of the top bar […]

Side Panel

Side Panel is a new feature that comes with version 2.0. It is only available for new design options (Layout 3, Layout 4)  Enable the side panel via Customize > Styling Options > Side Panel Use Side Panel Navigation menu location to create the menu inside the panel. ( Appearance > Menus ) Go to […]

About v2.0 and updating from v.1x

RT-Theme 19 version 2.0 is a major update and comes with many new options and features. There are two new design options which mainly changes the look of the header. Your current website style will not change unless you select a new design option from Customize > Styling Options > Design Options.  So, you don’t […]

Special Class Names

RT-19 has some useful class names that you can use in a “CSS class name” fields in the builder or anywhere else if you are writing an HTML code. Alignments aligncenter alignleft alignright Bootstrap Class Names You can use Bootstrap responsive class names. http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities-classes For example to hide an element only on small devices like […]

Google Maps

Google Maps API Key Google Maps requires a valid API key defined. (currently it is just for new domains) You’ll need to enter your API key into the “Google API Key“ field inside the Customize ▸ General Options ▸ Google Maps section.

How to generate a Google API KEY

First of all there in an extended Google Documentation available for the process on this page https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key In order to simplify everything, we’ve created some screenshots with some explanations; Sign into your google account and go to https://console.developers.google.com/ and activate your DEV account. It is free! Under “Google Maps APIs” heading, click “Google Maps JavaScript […]

Installing RT-Theme 19

First of all, thank you for purchasing RT-Theme 19. We hope you like it! Downloading your RT-Theme 19 from Themeforest To download the theme you need to login into your themeforest account and go to the download section where your purchase will be visible (see the image below). Once you have downloaded the theme you […]