Update Visual Composer

How to Update the Visual Composer Plugin?

One can decide to update the plugin either by the internal update function that comes with the theme or by manual upload and replacing all files by ftp upload:

Internal Update by the theme installer plugin

If a plugin needs updating you will see a update notification message.


You can click on the “begin updating plugins” link or go directly to the update screen by the admin appearance menu “install plugins” option.


In both cases you will get to the update screen where you can select and update the plugins all at once or one by one.


  1. Update plugins one by one

  2. Select the plugins and Update plugins all at once

Manual Update by FTP

Follow these steps to update the plugin.

1) Unzip the download package from Themeforest and within that package the rttheme19.zip on to your local harddive of your computer

2) Find the Visual Composer zip file that comes with your theme. You can find the latest version of the plugin inside the /rttheme19/rt-framework/plugins/packages/ folder as js_composer.zip

3) Upload it by ftp replacing the js_composer folder in the wp-content/plugins folder in your website.

Note : It is always wise to create a complete backup before updating anything (including the database).