Creating a One Page Design

There are two main steps must be compated to have a one page design like shown on this page http://rttheme20.rtthemes.com/home-page-sample-5/ Creating a page that has content content rows with unique ids Creating a new navigation menu that targets those ids. Creating the page We recommend use Visual Composer for this because it will be much […]

RT-Theme 20 Shortcodes

RT-Theme 20 comes with a huge number of shortcodes that allow you to add pre-designed content blocks by shortcodes into the content area of any page. Some shortcodes can also be added into text widget in a sidebar or into any text-area. A shortcode gets processed once the page is viewed in the front of […]

Theme Icons

RT-Theme 20 supports font icons. Those icons are called by its css class name. In some shortcodes you will see a parameter like this : icon=””. Between these quotes “” you will have to insert the icon’s css class name. In order to get the correct icon name, and to have a idea about how […]

Social Icons

Adding Social information to your website Social information can be added to the theme by the use of the global Social Media Options in the Customizer. Per Social Media Icon the following options can be set : The Social Icon Text which appears on hover, The Social Icon Link to which the social icon will […]

Footer Content

How can I create a footer navigation? Go to the WordPress Admin ▸ Appearance ▸ Menus and create a custom menu container or use the default Footer Navigation container. Add your menu-items to that menu container as explained in the  “Navigations” section here in the documentation. Save the menu and assign it to a theme […]

Custom fields in search results

Search results and custom fields By default WordPress has no knowledge of the custom fields in each of the custom post types. Search results wont contain any text you entered in those fields. You need to enable those fields by use of a plugin to include them into the search results. You can download those […]

What you should know

There are a couple things you should know as they might occur or you have a question on that: Color sets in nested rows and columns When different color schemes are selected for nested rows and columns, the results may not be what you expect it to be because of the order of loading of […]