Footer Content

How can I create a footer navigation?

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin ▸ Appearance ▸ Menus and create a custom menu container or use the default Footer Navigation container. Add your menu-items to that menu container as explained in the  “Navigations” section here in the documentation.
  2. Save the menu and assign it to a theme menu footer location.
  3. View your website. If all done correctly it will show the menu in the footer area


The copyright can be set in the customizer Copyrights settings. See customizer documentation.

Footer Widgets

The footer part of the theme can contain widgets. You can add widgets into the footer via Customizer or WordPress ▸ Appearance ▸ Widgets page. The working of the widgets is explained here in the customizer documentation. Any widgets added in the available footer widget containers will show in the theme footer area columns in the front of your website.

For advanced users : By using a plugin from which adds widget logic to your widgets you can make widgets in the footer area appear or disappear on a page id basis.