What you should know

There are a couple things you should know as they might occur or you have a question on that:

Color sets in nested rows and columns

When different color schemes are selected for nested rows and columns, the results may not be what you expect it to be because of the order of loading of the scheme in the css files. Basically it will follow the order of the scheme list to overwrite the one before. So loading a preset Color Set 1 into a Color Set 3 might not work as the Color Set 1 is loaded before the 3.

Bootstrap Tables

The tables are using bootstrap css. They are not styled when the class'”table” is not used. You can grab example code here. Grab Bootstrap Table Examples

Missing Visual Composer Modules

We have disabled some modules in the Visual Composer. They can be enabled by modifying the Visual Composer Settings php file that comes with the theme. The file is called visual_composer_config.php and is located rttheme20/rt-framework/admin/editor folder.

we only disabled two elements :

vc_remove_element( 'vc_tour' );
vc_remove_element( 'vc_gmaps' );

Missing Bootstrap Elements

We disabled some parts of the bootstrap library, they can be enabled by modifying the SASS files that comes with the theme.

Disabling Custom Posts of the Theme

The Custom Post types that come with the theme can be disabled by a function call for each post type you want to disable. Add the code to the bottom theme rttheme20/functions.php just before the last ?>

function rt_active(){
return false;
add_filter("product_showcase_active", "rt_active",0);
add_filter("testimonial_active", "rt_active",0);
add_filter("team_active", "rt_active",0);

Slideshow Images

Slideshow images are forced to cropped images when the blog list is with a masonry layout

White Screen Upon Activating Visual Composer

Depending on your hosting environment and how big your database is, you might experience an issue when trying to access the Customizer. This is usually due to the Customizer timing out because of a memory limit in your server environment. The first thing you can do to remedy this is to enter the following lines in your wp-config.php file at the root of your installation:

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M' );

Upon entering in this information everything should begin to work as expected unless your hosting provider has a limit on these parameters, which would keep them from taking effect. If your Customizer is still failing to load, the next step would be to open up a support ticket with your hosting provider and ask them to increase your PHP memory limit to a higher setting.

Working With Child Themes

When you start working with child-themes you have to be aware of that, the child theme uses its own customizer settings. This means that after activating the child theme you either have to reset the settings in the customizer or import settings you saved before in the customizer parent theme or any other location you worked on the design of your install.