Logo Image and Logo Box Settings

RT-Theme 19 comes with many options for the site logo. You’ll need to check two part of the Customize screen to adjust your logo;

  1. Logo Options: To change the logo image file
  2. Styling Options / Logo Box: To adjust the box around the logo image.

1 ) Logo Options

Use the logo options to change the logo image file. You can have a standard logo image for regular screens without high resolution like retina devices. For retina devices like new MacBooks, Tablets, Smart Phones you may need upload a retina version of the logo image by using the Retina Logo field.

While using just a big version of the logo image for the Standard logo field without using a retina logo is enough for most kind of logo images but some logos that has thin lines or characters may not look good when it resized by the browser to fit the logo box that holds the image. (in Internet Explorer mostly) So, If you have a logo like this, you may need to have a separate logo images for both standard and retina fields. Retina logos must be at leatst 2x bigger than the standard logo with the same aspect ratio.



2 ) Logo Box Options

You can find the logo box options under the Styling Options. There is always a box that wraps the logo image even if it is transparent. You can use the logo box settings to add a background color for the logo or set maximum height and width for the logo image. Please enlarge the image below to learn how it affects the logo image sizes.

What is the perfect logo size?

To avoid browser resizing that mentioned in the  1 ) Logo Options section above, your logo image must not be bigger than the logo box. So, you can either play with the max width and height values of the box or upload smaller images.