RT-Theme 19 Sliders

There are 2 Sliders and 4/5 Carousel Sliders in RT-Theme 19

The RT-Theme 19 comes with 2 sliders which can be added as shortcode or as visual composer module. The 2 slider types are :

  1. The Content Slider
  2. The Revolution slider, integrated as a plugin

The RT-Theme 19 comes also with 4/5 carousel sliders which can be added by shortcode or within the visual composor as visual element / module The 4/5 carousel types are :

  • The Blog Carousel
  • The Product Carousel
  • The Portfolio Carousel
  • The Testimonial Carousel
  • The WooCommerce Product Carousel. This one is only available when WooCommerce is activated

By the use of a carousel slider it is possible to present a ‘rotating’ list of products, blog posts, testimonials or portfolio items, anywhere in the content or your page(s). The carousel slider pulls the items (posts) from the custom post types which are available by default in the theme (Posts, Products, Portfolios & Testimonials).

Note : It does not support any other custom posttypes added by 3rd party plugins.


The content slider

To add a content slider one needs to add the content element in the visual composer. Once the element is added one can adjust the settings for this slider like height, transition speed, auto start, parallax effect.

The Added Content Slider element has the ability to add individual slides.


  1. Adjust the Slider Settings.
  2. Add new slider element.

To Slider Revolution

The Slider Revolution Slider is a plugin with which you can build responsive sliders with text layers, video layers, image layers etc. To get a Revolution Slider into a page add a Revolution Slider module / element and choose the slider you created by the use of that plugin. How to create a revolution slider is explained in here:

The Revslider documentation can be found here : Slider Revolution Documentation
The Revslider Tutorial Videos can be found here : Slider Revolution Tutorial Videos


  • Go to click on the Create New Slider button
  • Give your slider a name and a alias name.
  • Set and adjust all the available slider settings for that slider after creating the slider.
  • Once done adjusting the global slider settings add your slider items (the actual slides) to the slider.
  • After that you can open each of the individual slides and add items like layers of text, video's layers, layered images, buttons etc. to your slider. Set their positions by dragging dropping them in the design preview window adjust the layer's settings in the options window on the below left of the preview window..
  • Save the Slider
  • Note : You can add any slider that has been created with the Revolution Slider plugin to any page or post
    1. by adding the Revolution Slider element by use of the visual composer in any page or post.
    2. by inserting it's shortcode anywhere in the body content.
    3. by adding its shortcode to any other element / module in the visual composer which supports shortcodes or even in text widgets.

Note : You can not insert a revolution slider element when there is no revolution slider created.

Add a new “Revolution Slider” module, and select the Revolution Slider of your choice from the pulldown select list within the element settings. Here are the steps :

  1. Create a page and in the visual composer insert a Slider Revolution module.
  2. In the popup screen that appears after inserting the slider select a slider from the dropdown list.


Q : Can I get support on the Revolution Slider plugin and its working?

A : No, the Revolution Slider is added as is. This means that if there are issue’s within the theme integration we will fix those. But it means that we do not support any issue’s you might be experiencing with the working (the how to) of the slider itself, multi language support etc.

Consider this please : We did not develop that plugin, we just added it to the theme as is. If modified or added css does not work correctly we will not support that. Any ‘real’ bug’s within the plugin we can drop at the plugin’s developers desk or if you own a revolution slider license yourselves you can do this by the use of your own license. We then will have to wait on a fix like any normal customer buying the plugin. It is not within our hands or control when it will be fixed.

The Carousel Slider

To insert a carousel slider you can insert a carousel shortcode or a carousel element using the visual composer in to a page content. Adjust the settings in the popup window and insert the code. The slider will show at the inserted location in the page.


Note : Example settings is from product carousel. The other carousels have similar settings.

Note : The popup window can have multiple tabs with settings.