Ava has several menu locations;

  • Main Navigation: The main menu location for all designs of the theme.
  • Mobile Navigation: A menu location for the mobile menu only. If this menu is empty the main navigation will be used as a mobile menu.
  • Side Panel Navigation: The navigation inside the side panel.
  • Footer Navigation: The navigation above the copyright text in the footer.

Once you activated the theme those locations will be created automatically so you can jump over the creating a new menu part but if you have a menu already created you must assign it to the location, inside the Manage Locations tab.

Managing Navigation Menus

  1. Go to Appearance ▸ Menus and select a menu that you want to edit.
  2. Use the left panel of the page to add a new navigation item into the menu.
  3. Custom post types such as Product Showcase, Team, Testimonial, WooCommerce Products will not be visible in the available item list as default. You must activate them via the screen options. Please check these two screenshots;


Menu items are dragged and dropped into the menu containers. Try some of the WordPress menu tutorials on as they explain all.
WordPress 3.0 menu system
WordPress 3.0 menu custom links


Editing Menu Items

Once you have these fields visible in the menu item you can

  1. Extend a menu item and click the CSS Classes field then a list of available icons will appear that allows you select and set an icon to the menu item. To add icons to a menu items make sure in the in the screen options you have enabled the CSS Classes.
  2. Add a sub text to the description field to display below the menu item’s label text. To add a description text to a menu item make sure in the in the screen options you have enabled the Description.
  3. Select Multi-Column Menu option to split the sub menus into columns.


Mobile Navigation

Be aware that the mobile navigation is different than the one you see on your computer while resizing the browser window. The mobile menu will be looking different then the desktop version and some of those setting will not be visible in the mobile view such as icons. If you want to have a different menu than the main menu only for the mobile screens you can use the “Mobile Navigation” menu location.