Footer Widgets Go to Customize -> Styling Options -> Footer to reach footer related settings.     Footer Widgets You can add footer widgets via Appearance -> Widgets page. Use the Footer related widget areas (sidebars).  To place an image you can use an HTML code like or use the image shortcode of the theme […]

About Elementor

Elementor is a front-end page builder that let you create complex layouts without having to code by yourself. Install the plugin, go to edit a page/post and, click  “Edit with Elementor” button on the top of the screen.

Elementor Documentations

You can find about Elementor at   Sections & Columns    

Logo Sets

There are two logo sets available; Dark Logo Set: to be used within the dark header skin Light Logo Set: to be used within the light header skin Each logo set contains 6 logo file for regular, sticky and mobile headers. Use the 2x versions to provide a proper support for Retina/HDPI devices. Otherwise, your […]

Header Design

There are four header styles available. All header styles can be overlapped and transparent. For the Style 1 and Style 2; there are two rows which can use a different header skin and settings. Go to Customize > Styling Options > Header to change the global header settings.   You can also use the Desing […]

Header Skins

There are two color sets available for the header. Dark Header Skin Light Header Skin Each color set contains same variables for the header such as text, border, navigation item colors etc. We have created one with darker colors to be used with a darker logo image on a light background and the other one with […]

Header Icons

There are 5 tool icons available for the header; Side Panel Icon Language Menu Icon: Available only when Polylang or WPML plugins installed Search Icon Cart Icon: Available only when WooCommerce plugin installed User Icon: Available only when WooCommerce plugin installed You can show/hide any of the header icons via Customize > Styling Options > Header Or use the Design Options > […]

Header Widgets

There are four header widget areas (sidebars) available. These widget areas support only the Text, Social Media, Custom Menu, Custom HTML widgets. Usage of other widgets may break the header design but it won’t be a big problem if you know what are you doing. Use the [Business Lounge] Text widget in order to select […]

Sub Header

Every page displays the sub-header as default. The sub header contains two elements; the page title and the breadcrumb menu. You can disable these elements globally via Customize > Styling Options > Sub Header or use the Design Options for a single page/post. You can disable those elements by using the “Design Options > Sub Header” inside […]

Select a Home Page

WordPress displays the blog posts on the home as default. You need to set a Static Front Page as your home page. In here you can set and select a page : To act as your static homepage. The page where you land on when you visit your website. To act as you default blog […]