Portfolio Settings

RT-Theme 19 Customizer Portfolio Settings.

The portfolio settings menu looks like this:

  1. Use the left arrow to get back to the upper parent settings menu item.

  2. Use the Save and Publish button to save your changes made in the settings.


In the Portfolio settings the following settings can be adjusted:

  1. Global Layout settings. Select and set a default column layout for the portfolio category & archive listing pages. Grid or Masonry layout.
  2. Listing Parameters. Number of items per page & sorting order
  3. Featured images. Show on/off cropping, size
  4. Comments. turn on off comments in single portfolio item.

Portfolio Layout Settings

  1. Adjust the default number of columns for the portfolio pages should present its portfolio items.

  2. Set and select the Gid layout or the masonry layout

  3. Set and select if the portfolio item information should appear below the featured image or within (on top) of the featured image

Note : Applies to the default category and archive pages. The portfolio shortcode or element in the visual composer has it’s own settings for this.


Portfolio Listing Settings

  1. Adjust the number of items to show before pagination kicks in.

  2. Set and select the sorting order.

  3. Set and select the sorting order to either ASC or DESC (ascending or descending).


Portfolio Featured Image Settings

  1. Enable or Disable the featured image to show on listing pages.
  2. Set the maximum width in pixels.
  3. Set the maximum height in pixels.
  4. Enable or Disable cropping of the featured image.

Note : These settings can over adjusted also in the single portfolio item itself.

Portfolio Comments Settings

  1. Enable or Disable comments on single portfolio item post pages.

    Note : You can still override this setting within the page itself and turn off the comments. This setting only enables the comment ability.