Creating Testimonials

To create a testimonial page you need to have testimonial items. Those can be called by a shortcode or visual composer element and then presented that way in a overview page (a testimonials listing or “What people say about us” page).


Things you should know

  • A single testimonials item can not be previewed or viewed as single post
  • Testimonials can be grouped by categories.
  • Calling a Testimonial has do be done by it’s id or category
  • the testimonial text allows valid HTML code (h-tags, a-tags, divs), but we advice to keep the formatting as simple as possible.
  • For each Testimonial Item one can add :
    1. Name of the person who wrote the Testimonial
    2. Job title of the person who wrote the Testimonial
    3. URL to that persons website or social page
    4. Text for the URL
  • Upload a featured image by clicking the “Set featured image” link under the “Featured Image” box.