Creating a WooCommerce Shop

To have a ‘real web shop’ with products, stock registration, sales, coupons, customer registration and payment gateways, etc. in your website you have to install a plugin called WooCommerce.

Downloading WooCommerce Plugin

The WooCommerce plugin can be downloaded directly from
You can download WooCommerce plugin at Download →

also available on WooCommerce Official Website →
The WooCommerce Plugin is free and you can find free plugins for WooCommerce at  You can buy premium plugins from

  1. Codecanyon →
  2. WooCommerce Official Website →

Depending on what you want to do one has to buy one or more plugins. The WooCommerce Plugin by itself is however very well equipped to handle a default web shop.

How Does it Work?

WooCommerce has rich documentation archive about the plugin. Go to WooCommerce Documentation Website→.


We don’t support the working of any plugins within the theme. These plugins have extensive documentation of its own. We support our coding issues, mistakes and if any we fix those within a reasonable time if they are cause by our doing. WooCommerce has its own support forum where one can get help (paid or non-paid). For adjusting the layout of the shop or the order of items within a product page one has to follow the WooCommerce documentation and add/remove/adjust the action calls. Problems of any kind with that can be dropped at the WooCommerce support forum.

The WooCommerce Settings can be found here.

You can find “WooCommerce” on the left hand side menu in the WordPress theme customizer. This theme offers some global options for the WooCommerce Plugins such as “Layout”, “Amount of products per page” etc. You can adjust those settings within the theme options in the customizer.

Q : What is the differencies between Product Showcase and WooCommerce Products?

A : They are completely different systems. You can use default “Product Showcase” to create an organized product catalog. If you would like to
sell your products online via various payment gateway systems, we advice to use WooCommerce.

Q : Can i move my existing products from Product Showcase to WooCommerce?

A : No, this is not possible. You need to create new products, categories etc. by using the WooCommerce Product Post type.

Q : Can I get support on how the WooCommerce plugin works?

A : No, WooCommerce has its own support forum where one can get help (paid or non-paid). We only adjust our coding mistakes, if any and support those.

Updating WooCommerce

When  WooCommerce Plugin Updates it is wise to visit the RT-Theme Support Forum to check our announcements or ask if it is OK to update. WooCommerce sometimes changes many of its code causing blindly installing of a update that your website does not look OK anymore. We usually quick and update our theme in the same time frame with the plugin. You can visit the support forum here: RT-Theme Support Forum