Creating a Products Showcase

Creating a Products Showcase with RT-Theme 19.

To create a products showcase you need to have products. Those can be grouped by categories and then presented that way in a overview page (a products showcase).


Things you should know

  • A product can have a featured image and multiple other images attached to show as a product image gallery.
  • The Global set product layout can be changed in a single product item to give that item a different look.
  • A Product needs to be assigned to at least one category
  • Upload a featured image by clicking the “Set featured image” link under the “Featured Image” box.


  • A similar way the Gallery images can be attached to the product by pressing the “Add New Images” link/button in the Product Image Gallery box.


  • The RT-Theme 19 “Product” has options added that apply only to that custom post type.

    • Product Information: Sku or article number, Price, Sale price, Short description.
    • 4 Free Tabs. Each can have its own title, icon and valid html text or shortcodes or even contact form.
    • Related Products. You can select any number of related products and attach them to the single product
    • Attached Documents. You can add documents, spreadsheets, pdf’s, manuals etc to the single product.