Creating a Portfolio

Creating a Portfolio with RT-Theme 19.

To create a portfolio you need to have portfolio items. Those can be grouped by categories and then presented that way in a overview page (a portfolio listing page).


Things you should know

  • If you want to show a list of portfolio items in a page you need to add either a portfolio post shortcode or a portfolio post element in the visual composer
  • You can create as many Portfolio listing pages as you want each using its own shortcode or visual composer portfolio element
  • The settings in the shortcode or visual composer element determin how the portfolio items are listed
  • You can attach a portfolio item to more then one category. A portfolio item needs to have at least one category.
  • Opening or calling a Portfolio category will list all portfolio items attached to that category following the default theme portfolio settings
  • Categories can be added to the default WordPress menu system
  • A Portfolio item can have more then one image attached to it. Default the attached images will be shown in a slider. It can be changed to type gallery in which case a image gallery is shown.
  • Upload a featured image by clicking the “Set featured image” link under the “Featured Image” box.


  • A similar way the Gallery images can be attached to the product by pressing the “Add New Images” link/button in the Product Image Gallery box.


  • The “Portfolio Item” has options added that apply only to that custom post type.

    Note : These options change if you change the portfolio format (image, video or audio).