Content Slider

To add a content slider you can use a “Content Slider” module in the Elementor, Visual Composer, or the shortcode.  You can find the details of the shortcode inside the Shortcode Helper window.

1) Adding with Elementor

  1. Go to the element list and find [RT] Slider element
  2. Add and slides be using the “+ ADD ITEM” button and configure.

2) Adding with Visual Composer

  1. Click to “Add New Element” then select “Content Slider”
  2. The first added element is the “parent” element of your slides. Change its settings to for the slider heights, time out etc.
  3. Add your slides by using the “+” icon inside the parent element.
  4. Each slide can have its own style and content.
  5. Here is one of the demo sliders is looking like this on the Visual Composer