About Visual Composer

The Visual Composer plugin can operate in two modes:

  1. Classic Editor mode. Which is like the normal way WordPress presents its editor (In this “normal editor mode” one has two modes : visual mode and text mode. The latter is what we call HTML mode)
  2. Back-end Editor mode. The visual mode of the visual composer plugin in which you can add elements into a page and drag and drop them around where you want to have them. You can adjust each elements settings by the elements edit button.


  • You can switch between the classic mode and back-end mode anytime you want. But be aware that once you start editing the shortcodes in classic mode that you do this correctly as unclosed shortcodes can cause issues in how your page will look in the front of your website.
  • We have disabled some modules in the Visual Composer. They can be enabled by modifying the Visual Composer Settings php file that comes with the theme. The file is called visual_composer_config.php and is located nixe/rt-framework/admin/editor folder.