Visual Composer

About Visual Composer

The Visual Composer plugin can operate in two modes: Classic Editor mode. Which is like the normal way WordPress presents its editor (In this “normal editor mode” one has two modes : visual mode and text mode. The latter is what we call HTML mode) Back-end Editor mode. The visual mode of the visual composer […]

Visual Composer Adding Elements

In a clean page you have to start with adding a element to your page content. Below are the steps on how to do this: Click on add element: Then in the popup window choose f.e. the Rt Blog Post Element. After Choosing That element a new window will popup with settings you can adjust […]

Visual Composer Screen

When you open a page and if you have the Visual Composer plugin in visual mode there are a lot of elements and settings one needs to be aware off The Visual composer Toggle button two switch between the normal WordPress editor and the Visual Composer Editor. The Add New Element to the row. A […]

Visual Composer Documentation

The visual composer documentation can be found here : Visual Composer Documentation The visual composer video tutorials can be found here : Visual Composer video tutorials Visual Composer activating creates a white screen of death Depending on your hosting environment (e.g. shared, VPS, et cetera) and how big your database is, you might experience an […]