When you activate your product, you’ll be prompted when there is an update available for the theme. There are two steps to finish the updating process.

  1. Updating the theme
  2. Updating the bundled plugins

Updating the theme

Go to your WP-Admin / Themes and click on the update now button over the theme thumbnail.


  • If you don’t see the “Update now” button,  go to the Dashboard / Updates screen to trigger the pre-update process of WordPress.
  • If you are using WordPress Multi Website install, then you or the network administrator need to update the theme manually.
  • If you are having connection problems, try to disable your security plugin before updating then activate it after.
  • Consider updating your theme manually by simply following the “Installation” process.


Updating the bundled plugins

Navigate to the theme menu / Plugins page to manage the bundled plugins with the theme. Some of the plugins might be free plugins that are available to update from the regular WordPress / Plugins screen. But, the theme extension plugin and premium plugins cannot be automatically installed/updated somewhere else but this screen.


  • If you are having difficulties using the Manage Plugins tool, you can try manually updating your plugins.
  • Make sure you have the right user-level permissions to install/update a plugin.