Template Builder Video Instructions

We have created some video tutorials on how the template builder works. Note: They are without audio.

  1. You can also find links to the video tutorials about the working of the template builder inside the documentation file that came with the download from Themeforest.
  2. The documentation file can be found in the /Documentation/ folder as index.html file, which comes with the theme package!

Watch The Template Builder Video Tutorials Screencasts

PART 1 :
  • Introducing the Template Builder
  • Create a new template and assign it with a page
  • Add columns
  • Add text with icons

PART 2 :
  • Add a new content row
  • Customize the background of a content row and columns
  • Add your portfolio items to your template
  • Add a text with custom fonts and colors
  • Add a sidebar and select widget locations to display

PART 3 :
  • Customize the Header Row of a template
  • Control the breadcrumb menu and title positions
  • Add a slider to the header row
  • Add a Google map to the header row

PART 4 :
  • Customize the Footer Content Row of a template
  • Control the footer widgets
  • Add a banner box to the Footer Content Row

PART 5 :
  • Customize colors of a content row
  • Customize the background of a content row

PART 6 :
  • Set a page as your home page
  • Customize the default home page template