Special Class Names

Ava has some useful class names that you can use in a “CSS class name” fields in the builder or anywhere else if you are writing an HTML code.



Text Alignments

text-left Left aligned text.
text-center Center aligned text.
text-right Right aligned text.
text-justify Justified text.
text-nowrap No wrap text.

Text Alignments for Small Screens

mobile-text-left Left aligned text.
mobile-text-center Center aligned text.
mobile-text-right Right aligned text.

Bootstrap Class Names

You can use Bootstrap responsive class names. http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities-classes For example to hide an element only on small devices like smartphones you can use “hidden-xs” class name.

Typography Class Names

There is a class name for each selected font from the Typography Options. For example, to use the same font family that selected for headings in a module like tabular contents you can just use “heading-font” class name inside the css class name field of the module.

heading-font Heading Font
body-font Body Font
secondary-font Secondary Font
menu-font Menu Font
sub-menu-font Sub-Menu Font