Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider is a plugin with which you can build responsive sliders with text layers, video layers, image layers etc. To get a Revolution Slider into a page add a Revolution Slider module / element and choose the slider you created by the use of that plugin. How to create a revolution slider is explained in here:

Revolution Slider documentation can be found here : Slider Revolution Documentation

Demo Sliders

We created two different slider for the demo and included them into the “All files and documentation” package where you can download from your themeforest downloads page under the theme’s download button. You can import those sliders for a quick start. In order to do that;

  1. Go to Slider Revolution screen and click to the “Import Slider” button
  2. Then select one of the demo sliders from your computer /Nixe/Demo Contents/RevSlider/Demo..

Adding a slider in a page

You can use the slider by using the plugin’s shortcode which can be found inside the “Slider Settings” screen of a slider or just use Visual Composer and add Revolution Slider element and select your slider.

Design Notes

If you want to have the slider in full-width without spaces on the left and right, head over the row settings where the element placed and select “no paddings” from the Paddings tab.