Product Sections

A Product Showcase post can have sections. These sections will be numbered and point the section content. Let’s take this sample product page for this case: There are five sections on the page; Overview, Design, Technology, Innovation and Product Videos. Those are created  just for the sample page and you are free to create your own content sections with your own titles.  You can create as many sections as you want but must be sure that it fits and looks OK in the sticky section navigation bar top of the product page.

How to create a section?

There are two ways;

  1. If you designing your product page by using Visual Composer, there is a module called “Product Section Break”. Add the module above the section content. That’s it! Check out this screenshot to see how the back-end of the example product is looking on Visual Composer.
  2. The second way is, adding Product Section shortcode. With this method you don’t have to use Visual Composer, just place the shortcode above the content of your section. You can find the details about the shortcode inside the Shortcode Helper. Read more about the shortcodes that comes with the theme.

The “Overview” Section

If you didn’t check the “Hide The Overview Section” under the Product Options, the theme will create a first section called “Overview”. You can customize the “Overview” word only by using translation files .po/.mo (yes even for English check the tutorial )