Installing the Demo Contents


These sample contents may contain some copyright protected materials. These images/videos are not included to your purchase. If you copy or import one of our demo content images/videos to use in your website then you need to have your own license. Purchase links and copyright details can be found inside the document file that included into the “All files and documentation” package where you can download from your themeforest account.


A ) One click demo import

Go to Customize ▸ Demo Import page and follow the screen instructions.


  1. The booking form and mailing list subscription forms are depended to Contact Form 7 plugin. If you’ll need those forms, before start the importing make sure you have installed and activated the plugin.
  2. Always use the import within a clean install! The demo import will install media, posts, settings etc. We recommend that use a clean WordPress install to get a perfect demo clone.
  3. Do not disrupt the installation process by multiple clicking the “start importing” button or closing the page.


Importing to a WordPress Multi Site install

When you import the demo content running a WordPress multi site (wpms) make sure you set the file types extensions that are allowed to import properly otherwise you get import errors. You must check the following file types has been entered into the “Upload file types” box inside WordPress Network Admin ▸ Network Settings page

jpg jpeg png gif mp3 mov avi wmv midi mid pdf txt js css mp4 ogv webm ogg ico zip

B ) Import slider samples (Revolution Slider)

You can import slider demos that created with Slider Revolution Plugin to create your easily. For extended documentation please check

  1. Go to the Slider Revolution in your admin area and click the “Import Slider” button.
  2. Our demo sliders located in the “Demo Contents” folder that comes with “All files and documentation” package inside Dummy Contents / RevSlider folder.