How to Create a New Template?

  1. Go to Template Builder.
  2. In the template builder bottom right click on the ‘Create New Template’ button.
  3. Once the Template is created click on the ‘Edit button to open the template you have just created.
  4. The first thing to do is to adjust the name of the template to something logical so you recognize it when you are working on pages or posts and you want to attach that Template.
  5. The Newly created template has 3 default rows. A Header Row, A Content Row, and A Footer Row. Each Row has on the right side a button to adjust the options of that Row. Those options can vary as there are different options for each row type.
  6. Content Rows can have different layouts Full width, Content Width, Sidebar layout. You can Add multiple Content rows as you wish giving your page a sectionalized look.
  7. The Header, Footer & Content Rows can contain modules of any kind.
  8. Start adding modules into each row by using the “Module List”.
  9. Add more Content Rows if you need more content with a different layout (full width, content width, sidebar), background, image, etc.
  10. Add columns to rows and set the column width to have data presented in a column layout look.
  11. Add modules to your columns and adjusts their settings.
  12. Once Done Adding modules and dragging and dropping them around to their correct locations in the rows and/or columns. Click the ‘Save Template’ button to right in the template builder just below the admin name.

Note: If you do not save the template, before exiting it, the changes made to it will be lost. A warning message is presented if something has been changed in a template and you are trying to exit the template without saving it first. Ignoring that message will discard all changes permanently.