How to add a Template to a Page or Post?

  1. First, create a template and add the modules of your choice. Drag the modules to their desired locations within the template. Make sure you save the template otherwise the changes you made will be gone.Note: Make sure you add the Default Page / Post Content Module if you want to show the default page/post content within that template.
  2. Open an existing page or post in the WordPress backend or create a new page or post.
  3. Select the template of your choice you want to use for that page or post under the “RT-Theme Template Options”
  4. Update (save) your page/post.
  5. View your page in the front of your website

Note: If you adjust the template you don’t have to re-add the template to the page or post again. It will follow the adjustments in the template you just made when you reload the page in the front of your website.