The header area in RT-Theme-18 consists of a number of elements. We have the top bar, the header area containing the logo, the slogan, and header widgets, we have the navigation area with the main navigation, and the subheader area displaying sliders or any module you want to add to that area in the template builder.

Controlling the Header Area can be done :

  • By the global settings for the header in the theme header settings.
  • By the color and the background settings in the theme styling options.
  • By overriding some of those default (color background) settings in the header module of the template in the template builder, but also by adding different modules to the template in its header section.
  • By creating a custom menu container, add menu items and set that to the theme menu locations
  • By using certain plugins you can even control what widgets show in the header area on a page, category, post basis. Such plugins can be download from¬†WordPress.org

So there are different theme and WordPress settings for controlling all the elements in the header area. Together they will create the looks & feel, layout of the header of your website. You can even vary many of these header elements on a page/post basis by using the template builder and creating different templates with different settings and assigning these templates to different pages or posts.

This theme is almost so to speak ‘endless’ in its abilities. Although there are always some settings (defaults & elements) that are global and which are not adjustable on a single page basis like the top menu bar, the main navigation content (although possible by a plugin that adds menu logically to the WordPress menus system). But overall you can adjust many things making your website look special and different from all the others out there on the internet.

Note: RT-Theme-18 does not have settings for the header in the single (custom) post or page like previous RT-Themes. You will have tp use the template builder.