Footer Contents and Options

RT-Theme 18 Footer area is divided into two sections. The Footer Area containing the footer Widgets and Footer Bottom Area containing the copyrights & the footer custom menu bar.

How can I create footer navigation?
  1. Goto the WordPress Menus system and create a custom menu container or use the default RT-Theme Footer Navigation container. Add your menu items to that menu container as explained in the how-to “Creating Navigation Menus” section here in the setup assistant.
  2. Save the menu and assign it to a theme menu footer location.
  3. View your website. If all done correctly it will show the menu in the footer area
RT-Theme 18 Footer Options

The RT-Theme 18 footer options can be found here:

In the RT-Theme 18 footer options, one can set the copyright text & number columns to be used in the footer area for displaying widgets just above the copyright & navigation menu. The Footer widgets areas can be found in the WordPress Admin / Appearance / Widgets section.

Any widgets added in the available footer widget area’s container will show in the theme footer area columns in the front of your website.

Note: If you set the footer columns to 3 (1/3) and you add widgets into the 4th footer widget area container in the WordPress Admin Appearance Widgets section they will not show.

Note for advanced users: By using a plugin from which adds widget logic to your widgets you can make widgets in the footer area appear or disappear on a page id basis.