Creating a Product

To create a product just visit your WordPress admin panel and click one of the Add New buttons under Product Showcase.


Things you should know

  • A product can have a featured image and multiple other images attached to show as a product image gallery.
  • A Product needs to be assigned to at least one category
  • Upload a featured image by clicking the “Set featured image” link under the “Featured Image” box.
  • A similar way the Gallery images can be attached to the product by pressing the “Add New Images” link/button in the Product Image Gallery box. It is optional!

Product Options

In a product add/edit screen you’ll notice a sub option section called “Product Options” In a regular product page there is an automatically created “Overview” section that contains; short description, prices, SKU and product images. You can check this sample product This section is totally optional! If you don’t want to have the “Overview” section you can just check the “Hide The Overview Section” check box.