Creating a One Page Design

There are two main steps must be completed to have a one-page design.

  1. Creating a page that has content rows/sections with unique IDs.
  2. Creating a new navigation menu that targets those IDs.

Note: It is recommended to use the “Stick Always” style of the Sticky Header for one-page navigations. ( Customize > Styling Options > Header Options –> Sticky Header Behaviour )


1) Creating the Page

Once your menu is done, you can create a new or edit an existing page to define the sections to be matched the menu.

Define Sections ( Elementor )

There are two valid methods in Elementor;

  • You can use the CSS ID inside the Advanced tab of a section or column.


  • Or use the Elementor’s “Menu Anchor” element.


2) Creating the Menu

  • Create a new menu via Appearance -> Menus
  • Add “Custom Link” to the menu and give a link as “/#unique-section-id”  that will be matched to the section in the final page.

Note: Do not forget to use the full URL of the page ( like ) when the one-page design is not the homepage and you have other menu items in the menu linking outside the “One Page Design” page.