Creating a One Page Design

There are two main steps must be completed to have a one page design.

  1. Creating a page that has content content rows with unique ids
  2. Creating a new navigation menu that targets those ids.

Creating the page

We recommend use Visual Composer for this because it will be much simple to manage;

  1. Split your content in multiple Rows and give a different row id for each that you want to be scrolled. Visual composer rows that have a ID set (see image below).rt19-onepage-visual-composer-row-id
  2. Then create your menu and add a “Custom Menu Item” type link that links to that elements / ID (see image below).rt19-one-page-design-manual-link

Important Notes

Note : Be aware to use the full url ( when the one page design is not the homepage and you have other menu items in the menu linking outside the “One Page Design” page.

Note : You have to use the # (anchor link method) to link to those sections / rows within a page.

Note : When you scroll the page the menu items in the menu will get the focus state once a new section with the ID listed in the menu is reached. Of course, to notice this nice RT-Theme feature, the current menu item color setting has to be not the same as the normal menu item color.