Creating a Blog Listing page

Any page can be set as your Blog Listing Page. You can create multiple Blog Listing Pages each showing a list of posts from different categories by the use of the Visual Composer and the blog list element.

  1. Create a page called blog.


  2. Open the page and switch to visual composer design mode.


  3. Click on add element:


  4. Then in the popup window choose the RT-Theme’s Blog Post element.


  5. After Choosing That element a new window will popup with settings you can adjust for the chosen element.


    Adjust the settings the way you want you blog list to be and save the settings.

Creating a Page as a Blog Listing Page using the RT-Theme’s Blog Shortcode.

You can do the same thing without using Visual Composer. All you need to do create a page and add “Blog Lists” shortcode of the theme. Please check the Shortcodes section to learn more about the shortcodes.