Creating a Blog

To create a Blog list you need to have single blog posts. Those can be grouped by categories and then presented that way in a overview page (a blog list).

Use WordPress “Posts” to create your blog posts.


Things you should know
  • Upload a featured image by clicking the “Set featured image” link under the “Featured Image” box.


  • A similar way the Gallery images can be attached to the post by pressing the “Add New Images” link/button in the Image Gallery box.


  • A Post has a format option. Depending on which post format is chosen more settings become available which need to be set. The options each have help support textfields explaining what extra setting needs to be supplied. The chosen post format determines how the post should behave at the front of your website.


RT-Theme Post Format Options

  • There are six post format available to select at the “Post Format” options :
    1. Standard : The attached featured image is shown,
    2. Gallery : Display Image(s) as gallery or slider,
    3. Link : Tell something about a subject of choice and add a (outside) link to the post,
    4. Video : Show and Play a Video,
    5. Audio : Show and Play a Audio file,
    6. Aside : The Post item is listed in the blog list but cannot be opened in a single post.
  • Once a post format has been selected new options that needs to be set for that post format become available in the post below the post format option setting.