Theme Sliders

Content Slider

To add a content slider you can use a “Content Slider” module in the Visual Composer or the shortcode.  You can find the details of the shortcode inside the Shortcode Helper window. Adding via Visual Composer Click to “Add New Element” then select “Content Slider” The first added element is the “parent” element of your […]

Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider is a plugin with which you can build responsive sliders with text layers, video layers, image layers etc. To get a Revolution Slider into a page add a Revolution Slider module / element and choose the slider you created by the use of that plugin. How to create a revolution slider is explained […]

Sliders and Carousels

Ava comes with sliders which can be added as a shortcode or as visual composer module. The 2 slider types are : The Content Slider The Revolution slider, integrated as a plugin Ava comes also with 5 carousels which can be added by shortcode or within the Visual Composer as visual element / module The […]