Testimonial List / Post

Creating Testimonials

To create a testimonial page you need to have testimonial items. Those can be called by a shortcode or visual composer element and then presented that way in an overview page (a testimonials listing or “What people say about us” page). Things you should know A single testimonials item can not be previewed or viewed […]

Creating a Testimonials Page

Any page can contain a Testimonial list and you can create as many as you want with different settings. 1) Create with Elementor Create a new page or edit an existing one. Edit the page with Elementor by clicking the “Edit with Elementor” button. Find the “[RT] Testimonials” element and add to the page. Adjust the element […]

Creating a Testimonial

Creating a Testimonial Creating a Testimonial is a pretty straight forward process. Use the “Testimonials” Custom Post Type to add your Testimonials. In the WordPress Admin Area go to the Testimonials Post area Either click on Add New in the Menu or the Add New in the top of the Post List Things you should […]