About Rooms

Rooms is a built-in tool that allows you create room lists and pages.  We’ve designed this post type for hotel rooms and similar. But you can use anything else if you like the design. Remember you change the permalink structure via Tools -> Permalinks.  

Creating a room post

To create a portfolio item  just visit your WordPress admin panel and click one of the Add New buttons under Portfolio Featured Image Use WordPress’s featured image box to upload/select the featured images of the post. The featured image will be used in the listing pages and carousels. It will also be included to the […]

Creating a room listing page

Setting up a portfolio listing page is pretty straight forward. Create your room posts Create a page Insert the room posts shortcode or use the visual composer and add a room posts element   Room Posts Element (Visual Composer). Click on the add element (the + sign) in the visual composer and add a room […]