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June 15, 2016

Installing Nixe WordPress Theme

Thank you for purchasing Nixe. Before you can use your new purchase and start on your new website you need to install the newly bought theme. Before installing it you need to download the package from your themeforest account and unzip that download locally on your computer.

Downloading your Nixe from Themeforest

  1. Login your Themeforest account
  2. Got to your downloads page
  3. Click the “Download” button and chose “All files and documentation” file

Package Contents

Once you have downloaded the theme you need to unzip the package locally on your computer. It will probably look like this :


Now there are two ways to install a theme in wordpress.

  1. By uploading it by ftp into the wp-content/themes folder
  2. By uploading it by use of the wordpress theme upload ability

1) Uploading a Theme by ftp upload.

To upload the theme by ftp you need to unzip first the you found in your download package. Installing by FTP upload is very easy. You connect to your server by a ftp program like filezilla or winscp and make sure you upload the nixe folder and all its subfolders into the wp-content/themes folder so that after the upload you have wp-content/themes/nixe. Note : Do not create wp-content/themes/nixe/nixe



2) Uploading the Theme by WordPress Theme upload.

  1. To upload the theme through WordPress admin panel you need to login into your /wp-admin/ and
  2. Go to the WordPress –> Appearance –> Themes section of your cms system and click the Add Theme Button or Add New button on the top.
  3. Click the “Upload Theme” button on the top.
  4. Select the from your computer and hit the “Install Now” button
  5. Once the install completed you can finally click the “Activate” button to make it the theme of your website.

Activating an installed theme

Go to your Appearance ▸ Themes and just click the “activate” button of the theme that you’d like to set your theme.

Note : If the internal WordPress Theme upload fails then you need to use ftp upload. Failure can be caused by :

  1. Security settings on your server
  2. Max Upload File Size set on your server

In either case you can consider and contact your hosting company about the issue or just use FTP upload.