Installing Bundled Plugins

NaturaLife ships with 1 premium and 3 free recommended plugins.

  1. NaturaLife Extensions Plugin. Four custom post types (portfolio, team, and testimonials) and a huge amount of shortcodes. They are bundled in an extension plugin that ships with the theme and needs to be installed and activated separately.
  2. Elementor plugin. (recommended page builder)
  3. The Slider Revolution plugin. (optional)
  4. Contact Form 7 plugin. (optional)

Once the theme is activated, your admin area will show a notification message telling you that you need to install a required extension plugin. Click on the “Begin installing plugin” link to start the install of the extension plugin. In case you click on “Dismiss this notice” don’t worry as the option will be available also in the WordPress -> Appearance -> Install Plugins menu.

Installing the extension plugin.

Once you click on “Begin installing plugins” you will be linked to “Install Plugins” screen. You can select bulk installation or just click install link under the plugin names.


  1. WordPress Appearance
  2. Install Plugins
  3. Install the actual plugin

Several notes about activating an installed plugin:

  • In case you deactivate a plugin you will see the notification message telling you that the plugin needs to be activated and you will also see the Menu Option again in the WordPress –> Appearance –> Install Plugins page. Just hover over the listed plugins in that overview, of installed but not activated plugins, and choose the “activate” option of the plugin you wish to activate.
  • You can also activate/deactivate an installed plugin via the WP-Admin -> Plugins section.
  • If you are using a WPMS ( WordPress MultiSite ) install, you may need to update the plugins manually by FTP upload. However, you can use the Plugins Upload Page of your Super Admin Plugins Area to upload the plugins for the first time. The plugins can be found as separate zip files inside the NaturaLife ▸ rt-framework ▸ plugins folder. (unzip first)